7 December 2023

The Women's Revolution Update - Visual damage improvements, AI updates, New Content, and More!

Hey fight fans,


We recently announced the release of career mode and character creator, but have since chosen to delay career mode until early 2024. You can watch our video explaining why by clicking here. Let's jump into the update notes. 


This update brings you four brilliant new fighters, a new licensed venue, a variety of gameplay changes, and more. 


Below are the patch notes for the Women's Revolution Update, shipped on 7 December 2023 - 12883141.





- Claressa Shields added to the game. Shields joins the women’s welterweight division. 


- Franchon Crews-Dezurn added to the game. Crews-Dezurn joins the women’s welterweight division. 


- Heather Hardy added to the game. Hardy joins the women’s lightweight division. 


- Seniesa Estrada added to the game. Estrada joins the women’s lightweight division. 





- Added Micky Ward’s Box2Burn, a licensed venue that mirrors boxing legend Micky Ward’s gym in Westford, Massachusetts.


- Updated lighting in the WBC Arena, Turner’s Gym, Coldwell Gym Day, Kiritsu Arena and St Andrew’s Sporting Club.


- Updated lighting and made venue changes to CompuBox Academy, Coldwell Gym Night, and Lighthouse Theatre.  



General Changes


- Added branding for our new partners Everlast and Riyadh Season into the game.


- Punch sounds, block sounds, grunts/exhales, venue background audio, and crowd sounds updated.


- Adjusted how we handle sending data in online play and other optimisations.


- Added the option to skip the fight results timeline.


- Added a UI element to display the fight results within the fight results timeline.


- Visual damage improvements:


* Added more blood to the face and chest when fighters are cut. 

* Increased the discoloration of bruising. 

* Blood can now appear on boxer’s shorts when they’re cut. 

* Increased variety of cut and blood positioning. 

* Sweat can now have a tinge of blood when a fighter is cut. 

* Increased depth and size of some cuts. 

* Added a new central zone where cuts can occur, meaning boxers can now get cuts on their nose.



Gameplay Changes


- Block improvements


* New block targets on the body to ensure boxers are better blocking the correct areas.

* New animations for blocked hits.


- Health system updates


* Unified head health, and body health, into two health bars which are used to determine whether players will be dazed. This should make health distribution and entries into dazed feel more representative of the fight overall. 

* The referee can now stop the fight when one eye is fully swollen up.

* Added punch follow through damage i.e., if a punch hits you into dazed, the same punch can deal additional damage to the dazed health bar.

* Punch follow through can now result in a flash knockdown, which we hope will reduce the feeling of randomness around flash knockdowns.


- Trait Updates:


* Active and passive traits will be displayed on screen through UI elements.

* Introduced ‘Bulldozer’ trait, which increases damage dealt to opponents’ block. 

* Introduced ‘Rise Again’ trait, gives a boxer increased health regeneration after they recover from being dazed.

* Introduced ‘Straight Shooter’ trait, which increases a boxer’s punch accuracy on straights and reduces their punch accuracy on hooks and uppercuts. 

* Introduced ‘Fisherman’ trait, which increases a boxer’s punch accuracy on hooks and reduces their punch accuracy on all other punches. 

* Introduced ‘Reckless Finisher’ trait, which increases a boxer’s damage dealt and damage taken while their opponent is dazed. 


- Reduced tracking on punches thrown when the opponent dodges. 


- The input for feinting punches has changed. To feint a punch, players must now toggle a feint punch by pressing left on the d-pad, which will make the next punch thrown a feint punch.


- Added new stumble animations.    


- Further slowed boxer movement when a boxer is dazed.


- Increased damage dealt when a punch lands in a critical zone.


- Stamina recovery between rounds is now based on how you performed in the previous round, allowing players to better manage their stamina through the course of a fight. 


- Reduced the targeting range for uppercuts.


- Players can no longer see their opponent’s dazed health bar in online play. 


- Reintroduced the ability to feint in online play. 



Fighter Changes


Nigel Benn and Kell Brook

- We’ve added a different backstep straight animations to these fighters. Players have told us that the backstep straight we’re using across most fighters in the game currently is overpowered – we’re eager to get your feedback on the two variations we’ve added to these two fighters. 


Roy Jones Jr

- Updated his moveset to move more fluidly.



Oleksandr Usyk

- Slightly increased the speed of his step out jab and step out straight.



Katie Taylor

- Added to welterweight division. 


Sugar Ray Robinson

- Changed his moveset from the ‘Oldschool’ moveset to our standard moveset. 



Deontay Wilder, Scott Quigg, Katie Taylor, Sophie Alisch, and Patrick Rokohl

- Updated outfits to make the gold elements more prominent. 


Carl Froch

- Added the ‘Rise Again’ tier 3 trait.


Larry Holmes

- Slightly slowed his punches and dodges. 


David Adeleye

- Added the ‘Bombs Away’ tier 1 trait.


George Davey

- Added the ‘Straight Shooter’ tier 1 trait. 


George Groves

- Added the ‘Straight Shooter’ tier 1 trait, and the ‘Bulldozer’ tier 1 trait.


Jordan Gill

- Added the ‘Straight Shooter’ tier 1 trait.


Lyndon Arthur

- Added the ‘Reckless Finisher’ tier 1 trait.


Michael McKinson

- Added the ‘Distance Keeper’ tier 1 trait.



AI Changes


- AI boxers now track their own 'Frustration' and 'Under Pressure' levels.


- AI boxers can now use headbutt and low blow when 'frustrated'.


- Punch selection takes stance into account.


- The AI’s weave abilities have improved, the AI can now pair weave with block.


- AI is now more selective on timing and punch selection for counter punches.


- AI can now jab and straight from block.


- AI has improved punch selection relative to elapsed fight time, which hit of a combo they’re on, etc


- AI has improved boxer positioning & approach.


- AI boxers can now choose to retreat when under pressure.


- Adjusted decision making around when the AI chooses to push.


- Adjusted decision making around when the AI chooses to clinch. 


- A dazed AI boxer is less likely to block on easier difficulty settings.


- AI boxers are less likely to take a knee upon getting dazed. 


- AI boxers will perform their passive block less frequently on easier difficulty settings.


- AI boxers will delay their block for longer periods on easier difficulty settings.


- Further differentiated behaviours for different fight styles (outboxer, slugger, etc).


- Added experimental ‘switch hitter’ AI behaviours to Tyson Fury. We’ve love your feedback on this in our Discord. 



Bug Fixes


- Fixed an issue with a camera NPC in WBC arena that meant the NPC was blocking players’ views of their fights. 


- Fixed some bugs around traits not activating/deactivating correctly.


- Fixed a bug where Philly shell wasn’t blocking correctly.


- Fixed an issue where the punch timer within the tutorial was misaligned.


- Fixed an issue where some ringside characters were overlapping in multiple venues.


- Fixed an issue in settings where the game could hang for too long and break. 


- Fixed an issue where being disqualified while getting knocked out would break the flow of the fight.


- Updated multiple boxers shorts to fix some issues within the cutscenes and fight.


- Fixed an issue where a cut check could interrupt a knockdown happening.


- Fixed clipping issues across multiple boxers.


- Fixed an issue where targeting was activating while far away from the opponent.


- Updated titles and descriptions on multiple traits to better reflect what the traits do.


- Fixed an issue with the skip instant replay text going out of bound when the language of the game is set to Espanol.


- Fixed an issue where the boxers’ pupils were too static within some cutscenes.


- Fixed an issue where the cornermen would change places within the ringwalk cutscene.


- Fixed an issue where input would stop working when opening the steam overlay during a transition screen.


- Fixed an issue where in fight UI would disappear while the game was paused.


- Fixed an issue where the instant replay was starting too early.


- Fixed an issue where the counter punch indicator would only appear on a single users’ screen when playing online.


- Fixed an issue where you couldn’t enter inside fighting after getting dazed.

How can I play?

Undisputed is currently available in early access on PC through Steam. The full release on PC Steam, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S will be available on October 11, 2024.

How long will Early Access last?

Early Access will last 21 months in total, starting on January 31, 2023, and finishing with our full release on October 11, 2024.

I need help - how can I get in touch?

You can access customer support through our publishing partner, Plaion: