9 February 2023

Game Update: 9 February 2023 - 10515249

Hey Fight Fans, 


Below are the patch notes for the update shipped on 9 February 2023 - 10515249.


This build is a significant update in terms of file size, but we're introducing something we think should resolve the large file sizes for future updates within this update so that the next small update shouldn't be as demanding as the previous ones we've pushed.

Bug Fixes


- Fixed an issue where players could get locked in the settings menu when attempting to opt out of analytics collection. 


- Steam achievements related to throwing a set number of punches now properly track punches thrown. 


- Fixed an issue that caused online matches to continue after a knockout had occurred. 


- Fixed an issue that stopped the AI from defending itself and causing it to 'shake' while dazed. 


- Fixed an issue where players' games would lock when trying to view the Prize Fight leaderboards. 


- Players can no longer drop below 0 SP in ranked play. 


- Fixed a bug that was causing fighters to face the wrong way at the beginning of a round. 





- Introduced a system that rewards players more heavily in ranked play for winning a fight using a boxer with a lower overall rating than their opponent's boxer. This scales, so the higher the rating gap, the bigger the reward for winning. We hope this incentivises players to use a wider variety of boxers online.


- Improved the way we handle game updates, going forward game updates should be more optimised and won't require large updates for small changes. 


- Slightly increased the speed of the step-out jab across all fight styles apart from Slugger. 


- Introduced 'Arm Fatigue'. Repeated punches from the same hand will begin to slow. This is further impacted if the punch type is also repeated. Players using repeated same-hand punches should see noticeable fatigue in the punch speed.


- Slightly increased the likelihood that power punches will flash daze or flash knock out the opponent. 


- Slightly increased base punch tracking across all fighters. Punch tracking is what allows your fighter to adjust the end position of their punch after they've already started throwing it, which should increase the number of punches that land.


- Reduced the impact curve of accuracy ratings, which means lower-rated fighters won't feel as significantly inaccurate in comparison to higher-rated fighters.


- Slightly increased the max stamina usage of all non-power punches, and further increased the max stamina usage of hooks.  


- Adjusted AI stamina in accordance with the previously mentioned increase in max stamina usage so that offline play is a more balanced experience.



Boxer Changes


- Joe Joyce: Overall rating increased from 82 to 84, with increased stamina, strength, and defence ratings. 


- Deontay Wilder: Increased Left Hand Power from 86 to 88, decreased Jabs from 82 to 79, and increased Uppercuts from 91 to 92. 


- Sunny Edwards: Stamina reduced from 83 to 82, Speed increased from 86 to 90, Defence increased from 87 to 88, Heart reduced from 83 to 82. 


- Oleksandr Usyk: (Cruiserweight) Overall rating increased from 92 to 93, with Strength moving from 90 to 91, Defence from 89 to 92, and Heart from 90 to 92. 


- Eddie Hall: Overall increased from 72 to 75, with Strength increasing from 79 to 94. 


- Frank Bruno: Strength increased from 86 to 87. 


- Canelo Alvarez: (Middleweight) Overall rating increased from 88 to 90, with Vitality increased from 90 to 92, Stamina increased from 85 to 88, Speed increased from 89 to 91, Strength increased from 87 to 90, and Defence increased from 87 to 92.


- Canelo Alvarez: (All weights) Added 'Liver Destroyer' trait which increases damage dealt by his body left hook by 30%. 


- Tyson Fury: Overall reduced from 94 to 91, with Vitality decreased from 96 to 90, Speed decreased from 93 to 92, Strength decreased from 93 to 91, and Defence decreased from 93 to 88.

How can I play?

Undisputed is currently available in Early Access on PC through Steam. We’re also planning to launch across XBOX Series S/X and the PS5. Release dates are to be confirmed.

How long will Early Access last?

We will release the full version of Undisputed when we feel it's ready. That means achieving certain milestones and reaching a level of quality we feel is up to our standards and incorporates feedback from players. With that in mind, it can be tough to predict exactly how long Early Access will last. We plan to add additional content as well as new features along the way, and that will take time.

I need help - how can I get in touch?

You can access customer support through our publishing partner, Plaion: