5 July 2023

The Big Daddy Update - New Slip Mechanics, New Fighters, New Venues, and More!

Hey fight fans,


This update brings three exciting new fighters, two new venues, a new diagonal dodge, and more. 


Below are the patch notes for the Big Daddy Update, shipped on 5 July 2023 - 11622393



New Fighters


- Carl Frampton added to the game. Frampton joins the Bantamweight and Featherweight divisions. Check out his roster profile here


- Riddick Bowe added to the game. Bowe joins the Heavyweight division. Check out his roster profile here


- Xu Can added to the game. Xu joins the Featherweight and Lightweight divisions. Check out his roster profile here





- Added C7 Hangar, a large aircraft hangar located along the western coast of the United States that has been converted into an events hall.


- Added Falcor Bay, a venue set in the open square of an old cobbled Mediterranean town at sunset.



Gameplay Changes


- Implemented a new movement mechanic to help players close the gap and make inside fighting a more viable option. Fighters can now dodge diagonally forward-right and forward-left, which we hope will make a big impact and improve fighting on the front foot for fighters like Frazier, Porter, and Marciano. You can activate the diagonal dodge by holding the front right bumper and then flicking your left joystick up or down. 


- We’ve enabled stance-switching in online play, which means fighters like Usyk can now switch from Southpaw to Orthodox in online fights. Switch stances by pressing the right arrow on your controller. 


- Improved the stance switching animation. 


- Adjusted how all boxers enter weave blocking to be smoother.


- Expanded trait system to include three separate levels for each trait, increasing a fighter's abilities at each level. You will start to see additional fighter trait level adjustments in updates moving forward.




- Maximum stamina drain for base punches increased by 10%.


- Stamina can no longer drop below 30%.




- Swelling resistance curve has been adjusted to allow for more damage to take place.


- Cut resistance curve has been adjusted to allow for cuts to appear more frequently.


- Increased the damage done at lower stamina values to make fights more engaging.


- Increased Swelling chance by 10%.


- Damage Cap: The maximum damage a single punch can do has been significantly increased, meaning that punches that combine a range of damage multipliers (e.g. power punch, landing in a critical zone, landing a counter punch) can now do more damage than was previously possible. 


- The minimum damage each punch can do has been increased so it is now 10% below base level.


- Power Punch damage increased for hooks and uppercuts.



General Changes


- We’ve added an experimental instant replay system for knockdowns and knockouts. This is currently disabled by default and is only available for offline play. Players can choose to enable instant replays in their game’s video settings. This is the first iteration of replays in Undisputed and we’ll continue to work to improve it for future updates, so please let us know your feedback if you choose to use replays. 


- Updated the boxers’ sweat visual effects when getting hit.


- Adjusted the sweatiness levels across multiple boxers.



AI Changes


- AI on Undisputed difficulty should now feel more aggressive, across all fight styles.



Fighter Changes


Joe Frazier

- Introduced a leaping left hook animation to replace his step forward left hook. 


Tommy Morrison

- Speed improvements to left hook and step forward left hook animations.

- Left hand Power increased from 95 to 96 

- Hook Modifier increased from 92 to 93


Floyd Patterson, Rocky Marciano, Roy Jones Jr, and Aadam Hamed

- Updated idle animations when in loose movement.


Terence Crawford

- Updated shorts to have stitching on the nameplate.


Chantelle Cameron

- Overall increased from 86 to 88

- Body Resistance increased from 83 to 86

- Accuracy Increased from 85 to 88

- Stamina increased from 84 to 88

- Endurance increased from 86 to 90

- Body Health increased from 84 to 87

- Head Health increased from 86 to 88

- Health increased from 84 to 87


Deontay Wilder

- Traits have been upgraded to the new level III variant to make him more powerful. 

- Increased speed of head hooks and straight punches.

- Uppercuts and body hooks replaced with punches we believe are a better fit.


Roy Jones Jr (Heavyweight)

- Overall decreased from 87 to 85

- Guarding decreased from 87 to 85

- Courage decreased from 86 to 83

- Block Health decreased from 83 to 81

- Block Regen decreased from 86 to 84

- Agility decreased from 92 to 90

- Move Speed decreased from 91 to 89

- Punch Speed decreased from 90 to 89

- Accuracy decreased from 95 to 92

- Stamina decreased from 86 to 85

- Stamina Recovery decreased from 87 to 84

- Endurance decreased from 86 to 85

- Straight Modifier decreased from 92 to 90

- Counter Punch Modifier decreased from 95 to 90

- Body Health decreased from 90 to 88



General Changes


- Made improvements to our online networking. Players should now experience fewer desync/online issues. While it should feel improved, there’s still work to be done to ensure it’s in a place we’re happy with and that work is ongoing. We’ll continue to ship improvements when they’re ready.



Bug Fixes


- Fixed an issue with Daniel Jacobs's model that was causing him to t-pose in fighter select.


- Adjusted the targeting zones on Joe Calzaghe’s up-close left and right hooks as they were previously mistargeting and aiming too high.


- Adjusted Joe Calzaghe’s loose idle animation so that he no longer slightly floats off the canvas.


- Fixed an issue that was causing the boxers' muscles to not look correct.


- Fixed an issue with Tommy Morrison, where his mouthguard would load in during the Tale of the Tape.


- Fixed an issue where the tutorial wasn’t finishing after getup minigame completion.


- Fixed an issue where commentary wouldn’t play correctly after the first knockdown.


- Fixed an issue where the achievement, “The Real Hitman” wasn’t unlocking, even after meeting the requirements.


- Fixed an issue where the trainers could appear in the wrong corner during the recovery cutscene.


- Fixed an issue where audio wouldn’t play correctly during Tale of the Tape and the Announcer cutscenes when choosing Joe Calzaghe.


- Fixed an issue where some Prize Fights could have the wrong fighters introduced during the announcer cutscene.


- Fixed an issue where there was no commentary in Tale of the Tape and ring walk cutscenes when selecting Aadam Hamed or Lee McGregor.


- Fixed an issue where two commentary lines would play at the same time when the fight is won via a doctor stoppage.


- Fixed an issue where boxers would continuously move in the same direction when a flash knockout occurs.


- Fixed an issue where the lunge in left hook wouldn’t move the boxer, if performed after a right-hand punch.


- Fixed an issue where the ropes in Santiago Gym would disconnect from the dividers when the boxer moves into them.


- Fixed punch ripple effects not resetting correctly.


- Fixed an issue where the game would not transition seamlessly from the recovery cutscene to the results cutscene, if the player surrenders.


- Fixed an issue where the results cutscene would snap the camera to ringside after playing out.


- Adjusted the shorts for all boxers to behave correctly while in cutscenes.


- Fixed an issue where the AI wouldn’t block correctly.

How can I play?

Undisputed is currently available in early access on PC through Steam. The full release on PC Steam, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S will be available on October 11, 2024.

How long will Early Access last?

Early Access will last 21 months in total, starting on January 31, 2023, and finishing with our full release on October 11, 2024.

I need help - how can I get in touch?

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