15 March 2023

Game Patch: 15 March 2023 - 10766709

Hey fight fans, 

This patch contains a range of balance changes including fighter updates, cuts and bruises, and more, as well as some bug fixes. Before we jump into the notes for this patch, we want to talk about some of the key areas players are most eager to see updated and that we’re focused on ensuring improve over the next few updates.



Online Stability and Cheaters

In our previous content update we spoke about our work in these areas, our determination to get them right, and that how that will take time. While this update contains a small fix that should slightly reduce the number of disconnections online, more work is ongoing in the background, and we continue to roll out new bans for anyone caught cheating in the meantime. We’ll continue to update you on our progress on these issues here and in our community channels. 



We’ve also seen a lot of feedback around what happens inside the ring. Particularly around head and body health, stamina balancing, AI, and body uppercuts. Over the next few updates, you can expect to see changes made to the health system, adjusted targeting for body uppercuts so that they can’t be so easily abused, and AI improvements which will continue to be expanded on throughout the course of early access. 


With stamina usage and other balancing, we have to strike a good balance for both online and offline play, which sometimes necessitates making balance adjustments only alongside other changes, such as improving the AI so that it’s more capable of reacting to and maintaining its stamina levels in a way that players can. That being said, this update does contain a small adjustment for stamina (see notes below), and you can expect to see further adjustments to stamina throughout the course of early access. 



Now let’s jump into the notes for the patch shipped on 15 March 2023 – 10766709



Gameplay Changes


- Increased base flash knockout chance. 


- Increased the chance of cuts or bruises occurring. 


- Increased damage to cuts and bruises. 


- Increased stamina usage for power punches. 


- Increased damage dealt by hooks to the head. 


- Increased damage dealt to block health. 



Bug Fixes


- General improvements to how we handle online connections. 


- Moved ‘Counter Punch Modifier’ from the Speed category to the Strength category. 


- Fixed an issue causing the fight Select UI continuing to show and overlapping with other areas of the game. 


- Fixed an issue that caused players to sometimes get stuck on the transition screen after being kicked from a custom lobby.


- Fixed an issue that meant one of Sergio Martinez’s traits wasn’t correctly displaying the trait description. 


- Fixed multiple issues relating to taking a knee.


- …lots of other general bug fixes! 



Boxer Changes


Fighters have gone through another iteration of balance adjustments, with stat changes to 22 fighters that we hope will make them feel more in line with their real-life counterparts. Please continue to share feedback around whether a boxer in Undisputed feels authentic to their real-life counterpart, as fighter balancing will be an ongoing effort throughout early access. 



- Charlie Edwards: Increased Body Resistance from 65 to 81, Courage from 72 to 79, Accuracy from 78 to 83, Agility from 78 to 82, Conditioning from 71 to 77, and Endurance from 70 to 79. 


- Kid Galahad: Increased Body Resistance from 74 to 80, Guarding from 67 to 81, Courage from 72 to 84, Agility from 81 to 86, Conditioning from 71 to 79, Endurance from 72 to 78, and Uppercut Modifier from 68 to 79. Reduced Cut Resistance from 94 to 87. 


- Scott Quigg: Increased Body Resistance from 70 to 79, Guarding from 72 to 81, Courage from 70 to 82, and Block Health from 71 to 76. Reduced Bruise Resistance from 88 to 76 and Cut Resistance from 84 to 78. 


- Sunny Edwards: Increased Bruise Resistance from 81 to 86, Stamina from 83 to 87, and Stamina Recovery from 80 to 84. 


- Ryan Garcia: Increased Accuracy from 85 to 88, Uppercut Modifier from 78 to 83, and Straight Modifier from 79 to 82. 


- Dalton Smith: Increased Uppercut Modifier from 75 to 80, Jab Modifier from 76 to 78, and Left Hand Power from 77 to 80. 


- Josh Taylor: (Lightweight) Increased Agility from 84 to 88, Accuracy from 84 to 88,  and Guarding from 74 to 88. 


- Josh Taylor: (Welterweight) Increased Agility from 84 to 88, Accuracy from 84 to 88,  Guarding from 74 to 88, Courage from 76 to 84, Block Regen from 80 to 84, and Body Resistance from 72 to 86.


- Micky Ward: Increased Courage from 88 to 93, Stamina from 80 to 84, and Health Recovery from 78 to 86. 


- Sugar Ray Robinson: Increased Courage from 80 to 84. 


- Michael McKinson: Increased Body Resistance from 66 to 79, Courage from 67 to 78, Punch Speed from 75 to 80, Conditioning from 67 to 78, Endurance from 70 to 78, Hook Modifier from 74 to 81, Uppercut Modifier from 70 to 79, and Straight Modifier from 78 to 80. 


- Ryan Rhodes: Increased Body Resistance from 57 to 80, Guarding from 56 to 79, Courage from 63 to 81, and Agility from 78 to 82. 


- Carl Froch: Increased Conditioning from 87 to 93 and Endurance from 86 to 92. 


- Sergio Martinez: Increased Courage from 81 to 88. 


- Sugar Ray Leonard: (Welterweight) Increased Body Resistance from 75 to 89,  Chin Resistance from 90 to 94, and Courage from 74 to 93. 


- Enzo Maccarinelli: Increased Chin Resistance from 70 to 75, Courage from 84 to 88, and Head Health from 74 to 82. 


- Johnny Nelson: Increased Body Resistance from 77 to 83. 


- Lawrence Okolie: Increased Punch Speed from 79 to 85, Courage from 77 to 80, Chin Resistance from 79 to 84, Body Resistance from 78 to 85, Cut Resistance from 77 to 86, Bruise Resistance from 81 to 86, and Guarding from 78 to 84. 


- Rocky Marciano: (Cruiserweight) Increased Courage from 84 to 91. 


- David Adeleye: Increased Guarding from 72 to 78, Hook Modifier from 79 to 83, Jab Modifier from 75 to 81, Uppercut Modifier from 81 to 82, Straight Modifier from 81 to 82, Left Hand Power from 74 to 81, and Right Hand Power from 77 to 84. 


- Frank Bruno: Increased Chin Resistance from 77 to 82, Body Resistance from 77 to 80, Cut Resistance from 76 to 86, Bruise Resistance from 76 to 87, Guarding from 77 to 86, and Head Health from 78 to 82. 


- Joe Joyce: Increased Stamina from 81 to 85, Block Health from 76 to 83, Courage from 81 to 84, and Head Health from 80 to 84. 


- Delfine Persoon: Increased Overall from 81 to 82, Chin Resistance from 82 to 91, Body Resistance from 81 to 88, Courage from 79 to 90, Agility from 78 to 82, and Stamina from 79 to 87. 

How can I play?

Undisputed is currently available in early access on PC through Steam. The full release on PC Steam, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S will be available on October 11, 2024.

How long will Early Access last?

Early Access will last 21 months in total, starting on January 31, 2023, and finishing with our full release on October 11, 2024.

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