2 February 2023

Community Check-In: The First 48 Hours

Hey Fight fans, 


As we move through our first week of Undisputed Early Access, we want to make sure we touch on some of the community discussion we’re seeing about the online play experience.  


First, we want to thank you for your patience as we work out some of the bugs and quirks that have shown up over the first couple of days. We’re working toward our first hotfix and will share more about that soon. 


We also want to make sure you’re aware of an issue preventing some of you from connecting online that can be worked around. There’s information on that specific issue and how to fix it on our Trello board


Let’s Talk about Ranked


We’ve been encouraged by your enthusiasm and passionate competition already happening in ranked queues. We’d like to touch on the status of ranked and what to expect during Early Access. 


Like everything else in Early Access, our online rankings are a work in progress. We’re using Early Access to iterate on and improve this system to make sure it’s a great experience for full launch. This means you may run into bugs, things that could be frustrating, and that we could even change things significantly or reset the rankings at certain points.  


One of the areas you’re most frustrated by is online opponents quitting a match to avoid a loss, and sometimes an opponent disconnecting is resulting in you being given a loss. That’s something we’re giving attention to and will provide updates as we work toward solutions. Players that repeatedly leave matches before they end will slowly accrue a ‘poor sportsmanship’ score that reduces the likelihood they will be matched with players who almost always finish fights. Players can reduce their poor sportsmanship score by finishing fights consistently over time.  


We’ve also seen some confusion about how our rankings work. In short, you move up or down in the rankings based on your performance relative to the skill level of your competition. Winning matches against highly ranked opponents will earn you more points to move up in rank. Losing to those with a lower ranking than you may drop you significantly. 


Queue Optimization 


Another important area of focus for us this week is online queue optimization. We’re paying close attention to our queues for each weight class to better understand which divisions are most popular with you. Undisputed has a lot of weight divisions and both ranked and unranked queues. This means some of you are sitting in queue for a long time and may also be matched with opponents that aren’t ideal for a solid connection. 


We’re planning to make changes soon that will help you find more quality matches. This will mean removing some of the less popular queues. We’ll share more about that alongside our upcoming hotfix. 


Thank You 


Once more we want to thank you for joining us on this Early Access journey. This is exactly the kind of passionate and dedicated community we envisioned when we set out to make a boxing game. It’s been incredible to see so much great feedback, entertaining content, and friendly competition. 


We’ll continue to listen as you share your experiences and keep you updated on our progress. Thanks for being in our corner. 


- The Undisputed Team     

How can I play?

Undisputed is currently available in Early Access on PC through Steam. We’re also planning to launch across XBOX Series S/X and the PS5. Release dates are to be confirmed.

How long will Early Access last?

We will release the full version of Undisputed when we feel it's ready. That means achieving certain milestones and reaching a level of quality we feel is up to our standards and incorporates feedback from players. With that in mind, it can be tough to predict exactly how long Early Access will last. We plan to add additional content as well as new features along the way, and that will take time.

I need help - how can I get in touch?

You can access customer support through our publishing partner, Plaion: